Коротко: Знайдiть фiгури за умови мата обом королям

Детальнiше: Як розв'язувати

W skrocie: Odkryj piekno na mate swiadczone zarowno krolow


Накратко: Поставете фигурите, така че и двата царя са по мат

Прочетете повече

Roviden: fel a sakkfigurak, hogy mind a kiralyok voltak, a matrac

Tudjon meg tobbet

Kurz gesagt: die Schachfiguren zu setzen, so dass beide Konige unter der Matte waren

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Ve zkratce: dat sachove figurky, tak, aby byli oba kralove pod rohozkou

Prectete si vice

In short: put the chess pieces, so that both kings were under the mat

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En pocas palabras: poner las piezas de ajedrez, de modo que ambos reyes estaban debajo de la alfombra

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In breve: mettere i pezzi di scacchi, in modo che entrambi i re erano sotto lo zerbino

Per saperne di piu

Em Resumo: colocar as pecas de xadrez, para que ambos os reis estavam debaixo do tapete

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Chess Sudoku - a puzzle game that combines the rules of chess and the rules of Sudoku.
Below the icons in the margins of a chessboard chess pieces hidden.
The task is to find these pieces for the following six constraints.
'Extremely chess' restrictions:
1. Number of pieces of each color, and shall not exceed the nominal amount of the figures available in the initial chess position.
2. Pawns do not need to be on the end horizontals.
3. If the board has two elephant of the same color, then they are in the fields of different colors.
4. Kings should not be on adjacent fields.
Restrictions 'Two of the mat at the same time':
5. Each of the kings in check (hit) the opposite side.
6. Whatever the course nor did any of the pieces, the two kings will still be under the Shah.

Of the last two conditions imply that position, thought to ChessSudoku, in a real game of chess can not occur.

The icons in the fields can be of four types:
White square - hidden white piece.
Black square - hidden black piece.
Gray square - is required to determine not only the amount, but also the color of the piece.
Question mark - is unknown whether there is a general piece on the field.
Each puzzle has a single solution.

An example of the problem and the answer:

It is obvious that the selection of other chess pieces, moreover, indicated on the right-hand diagram, double mat is not achieved.

Second example:

Every day, the site contains two tasks ChessSudoku. The first challenge is published with the solution (it is available when you click on the chart), the second published without solutions.
I wish you luck!
I apologize for the errors of automatic translation.

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